Cherie is one of the main characters in the Wall arc.

She first appeared in The Quantum Ring, as a waitress from Behihana that Yumyulack shrunk down for putting shrimp in his food. She was rescued from some scavengers by Tim, and she told him that the line he said was from Terminator, not Predator. She went on a crusade with Tim and Pedro to get insulin for Pedro's dad from the Duke. The Duke gave Enrique the insulin, but decapitated Pedro for starting a riot.

She is next seen in The Lavatic Reactor, where she, Tim, and Enrique tried to cut off the Duke's food supply. They were betrayed by Enrique, who became one of the Duke's enforcers. The Duke throws Cherie into the Boo-Boo Hole, which seemingly kills her.

Her final role in Season 1 was in Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear. She broke Tim out of prison so that he could lead the resistance. They had sex after comparing battle scars, and went to the Bowinian church to listen to the Duke's speech. One of the Duke's enforcers, tried to kill them, but failed. Tim and Cherie led the resistance into battle, but the Duke flooded the lower levels of the Wall, killing hundreds of people. Upon storming the Duke's palace, Tim and Cherie discovered that he has escaped through a hole in the wall, meaning there is a way out. When Cherie tries telling this to the public, Tim turns on her and stabs her with a toothpick, before announcing that the Duke is dead and has killed Cherie. Her corpse is then kicked out of the hole, before the hole is covered up.

She appears in The Unlikely Demise of Terry's Favorite Shot Glass. She is revealed to be alive, but wounded and with her leg broken. She tries to find food in the backyard she is trapped in, but finds the Duke. They fight, but become friends after being trapped inside a toy ship together, with the danger of being attacked by Jeff the Possum. The Duke reveals his suspicions that Cherie is pregnant with Tim's child, and it turns out to be true. The Duke kills himself to kill Jeff, and tell Cherie to head to the nearby Walgreens where she can have her kid. On the way there, Cherie is forced to hide from Jesse inside a Pez container. Her water breaks, and she has her kid, who she names Pezlie. She and Pezlie journey to the Walgreens, but it turns out to be a fake. They go back to the wall, just in time for Cherie Day, where Cherie plots with Halk to take Tim down.


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