Korvotron, often referred to as Korvo, is one of the main characters of Solar Opposites. He is the smartest and rational-minded character in the main cast, but does not do well in social settings.


Korvo originates from planet Shlorp, and is a member of the Shlorpian race. Shlorp for the most part was a utopia. However, ever since his planet was destroyed by an asteroid, he, his partner Terry, and his replicants Jesse and Yumyulack have scattered to Planet Earth in hopes where they could settle, and make a decent living. They are, for the most part, unadjusted to Earth's customs - and Korvo and his family try to overcome the challenge of being immigrants to a relatively unknown planet. Because of their inexperience, the Shlorpian family gets themselves in wacky situations.



Korvo hates Terry's annoyance.

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