Korvotron, often referred to as Korvo, is one of the main characters of Solar Opposites. He is the smartest and most rational character in the main cast, but does not do well in social settings.


Korvo originates from planet Shlorp, and is a member of the Shlorpian species. Shlorp for the most part was a utopia. However, ever since his planet was destroyed by an asteroid, he, his partner Terry, and their replicants Yumyulack and Jesse have scattered to Planet Earth in hopes where they could settle, and make a decent living. They are - for the most part - ill-adjusted to Earth's customs, and Korvo and his family try to overcome the challenge of being immigrants to a relatively unknown planet. Because of their inexperience, the Shlorpian family gets themselves in wacky situations.



Korvo and Terry were assigned to be partners while the Shlorpian race was preparing to leave Shlorp. Korvo and Terry were outwardly nice to each other at first, but then would talk about each other with their peers behind their backs.

Despite this prior vitriol, Korvo and Terry grew to appreciate each other as partners and teammate. Upon landing on Earth, Korvo and Terry were forced to take the mantle of “parents” upon crash landing and buying a house to live in. Because of this, their relationship grew very similar to that of an old married couple with Korvo constantly nagging Terry for his laziness and obsession with Earth.

It is constantly hinted throughout the show that Korvo harbors romantic feelings for Terry as at one point he tried to kiss him while under the influence of the dumb ray. He also grew very upset when at one point he had dinner parties banned because he felt that Terry was neglecting him as Terry was constantly going to such parties and leaving Korvo due to how Korvo disliked socializing with others. Upon this revelation, Korvo and Terry decide to share a kiss as an act of reconciliation. The creators are the show confirmed that Korvo and Terry’s became a couple at some point between the first two seasons.


Korvo is a very introverted pessimistic and closed-minded individual. He hates earth and even makes a point to mention that in the opening sequence. He is insistent on not assimilating, preferring to stay in the house and fix the ship as soon as possible so they can leave. He finds most if not all of earth's inhabitants and customs stupid. Like Yumyulack, Korvo is cold, cunning and serious. Compared to Terry, Korvo is hard working, and studious gaining him the label as “the smart one”. He also prioritizes the mission above all else and constantly wishes that Terry and their family would spend their time focusing on it. He has been the only one working on repairing the ship but to no avail. Despite his dislike of earth he begrudgingly tries to learn from them and adapt often with Terry's insestance, occasionally changing his mind & even having fun.


  • In an interview with an editor from the online magazine Inverse, series creators Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan confirmed that Korvo and Terry officially became a romantic couple over the course of the first two seasons [1]


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