Terry is one of the main characters of Solar Opposites.


Terry originates from planet Shlorp, is a member of the Shlorpian species, and was recognized as a pupa expert despite cheating in most of his classes. When his planet discovered that it was going to be destroyed by an asteroid, he was partnered with Korvo, and they and their replicants, Jesse and Yumyulack, boarded a ship and escaped the doomed planet. After some time in space, they discovered Earth, and, believing the planet to be uninhabited, made a crash-landing, only to discover that Earth was already overpopulated and that the ship was too damaged to fly, forcing them to settle in hopes of making a decent living. They are, for the most part, not fully adjusted to Earth's customs - and Terry and his family try to overcome the challenge of being immigrants to a relatively unknown planet. Because of their inexperience, the Shlorpian family gets themselves in wacky hi-jinx.


Terry's skin color is lime green, and he has dark green spots on his forehead. Terry tends to dress in casual attire. He is mainly shown wearing a orange shirt with the label, "All About That Base", burgundy shoes with a blue light on them, and black shorts. He also has a knack for wearing shirts which contain references to pop culture, like "All About That Base" (a reference to Meghan Trainor's "All About that Bass"), "Got Dilf?" (a reference to "Got Milk?"), and many more.


Terry is a very laid-back, open-minded and friendly alien. Unlike his introverted partner Korvo, he is fairly optimistic about his entry onto planet Earth, and seems very indifferent about the fact that there are many forms of sentient life on Earth.

Despite being an immigrant to Earth, he is very open-minded about Earth's customs. He has a very gregarious disposition and is always excited to learn and try new things on earth. He takes a liking to some customs in Earth - like purchasing lottery tickets, watching TV (shows like Funbucket), going to dog parks, dogs, and donating money. His outlook seems to be that he wants to have as much fun as possible on Earth and to seek cheap thrills from the planet.

Terry is also shown to be very caring and kind to those he cares about. Although Korvo tends to dismiss Terry's cries for affection, Terry is constantly shown complimenting him and even goes as far as to cheer Korvo up about the fact that their planet got destroyed.




Korvo is Terry's team leader and "partner" (in various ways). In early episodes the state of their relationship is somewhat undefined. While their relationship and interactions with each other mimic that of a married couple, such as sleeping in the same bed, and making up with kisses after a fight, they do not express explicit romantic feelings for each other (or at least earth standard ones). They never refer to the other as their romantic partner only as a "partner" (in a general sense) and team member. They also are not shown to be sexually active with each other on screen and are even indifferent when the other expresses interest pursues or sleeps with someone else. Regardless they are shown to care about each other very much. The creators of the show would later state that Korvo and Terry’s relationship has indeed blossomed into a romantic one.


Jesse is the replicant of Terry and as such shares many of the same personality traits such as optimism, open mindedness and interest in earth and humans. While she is closer to Terry due to their similar natures their relationship is a far cry from your typical father and daughter. They are neither close nor estranged, while they both care about each other as team members they are also largely indifferent to what goes on in each others lives & rarely interact together. Both admitted they would have killed each other when the replicants were forced to stay home for summer break if they had not been introduced the concept of summer camp.


As Korvo's replicant Yumulack shares many of Korvo's more pessimistic traits. Due to this Terry isn't interested in spending that much time with Yumylack, finding him to be a killjoy. Much like his relationship with Jesse, Terry might not be particularly fond of the replicant but at the same doesn't dislike him and considers him an invaluable part of the family. That being said he has no qualms about replacing or killing him when he finds him too annoying.


Terri was Terry's lifemate back on Shlorp.


  • In the pilot episode "The Matter Transfer Array", Terry is shown to be left-handed when he is eating ice cream.
  • In an interview with an editor from the online magazine Inverse, series creators Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan confirmed that Terry and Korvo had officially become a couple over the course of the first two seasons [1]


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