The Pupa is a slug-like creature that contains all the information and history of the planet Shlorp within its DNA. When it reaches maturity, it will grow in size to consume the entire planet, terraforming it into a new planet Shlorp.


The Pupa is normally yellow with a slug-like appearance.


The Pupa's intelligence is highly debatable. While it normally behaves like an ignorant pet or infant, it has show moments of extreme intelligence, brutality, and cruelty.


  • The Pupa isn't allowed to have candy because it makes it sick.
  • It is stated that the Pupa's exact color is PANTONE 101C.
    • The Pupa can turn orange after eating something orange
    • The Pupa once turned Purple for unknown reasons
  • A pupa is the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation between immature and mature stages, which can be said as a metaphor for the Pupa being life stage of the planet itself.
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