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The Pupa is a slug-like creature that contains all the information and history of the planet Shlorp within its DNA. When it reaches maturity, it will grow in size to consume the entire planet, terraforming it into a new planet Shlorp.


The Pupa has a slug-like appearance, and was initially yellow. During the course of the first and second seasons it can be seen changing colors depending on how close it is to becoming the planet destroyer. These colors include yellow and green, pink and purple, blue, and orange.


The Pupa's level of intelligence seems to fluctuate. While it normally behaves like an ignorant pet or infant, it has shown moments of extreme intelligence, brutality, and cruelty.

It is shown to have a hobby and interest of watching what goes on in The Wall, often appearing in the background & even humorously recording Tim and Cherie having sex with a smart-phone. It also appears to understand what is going on inside, though it's interest appears similar to that of someone watching a TV show. It is also shown to enjoy playing with it's Harry Potter Wand whistle, which it goes to great lengths to get, such as reuniting a son and his father, or going into a woman's dream.


  • The Pupa isn't allowed to have candy because it makes it sick.
  • It is stated that the Pupa's exact color is PANTONE 101C.
    • The Pupa can turn orange after eating something orange.
    • The Pupa turned lavender at the end of Season 1 for unknown reasons.
    • The Pupa will turn Royal Blue if the Solar Opposites have Kennel Cough.
    • The Pupa will turn Cornflower Blue if they or one of the Solar Opposites has had a sex dream about the other.
    • The Pupa will turn Navy Blue if the Solar Opposites' Hulu plan is expiring.
    • If the Pupa turns Robin's Egg Blue, it means the Solar Opposites will get a free Xbox.
    • The Pupa turned Pacific Blue at the end of Season 2 to signify that the Solar Opposites would die at midnight.
  • A pupa is a life stage between the immature and mature stages experienced by insects that undergo complete metamorphosis.
    • As such, it can be interpreted as a metaphor for the Pupa being a life stage of the planet itself.
  • Pupa translates to "bottom" in Polish.
  • The Pupa has a strange affinity for a battery-powered Harry Potter flute, and manages to obtain it regularly, even when the flute is locked away, by doing various favors for different people.
    • This causes much confusion for the Solar Opposites, who keep wondering how the Pupa is able to obtain the flute, as they are usually absent when the Pupa is exchanging favors.