Tim is a human character in Solar Opposites. He was a protagonist during his captivity in the Wall. Until the episode "Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear" that after the Duke escapes through a hidden hole to the outside, Tim reveals to have a corrupted heart that he wanted power and to take control of the Wall himself, so he betrays his lover Cherie and tries to kill her to keep the hole secret, thus becoming an antagonist of the series.


Initially Tim was your average, good natured nobody. Quite literally, he was thrown in the wall simply for having a red shirt. A decent, slightly awkward guy who didn't want to get in the middle of things Tim became a hero and inspirational leader determined to take down The Duke and escape the wall. However, when he actually did defeat The Duke and find a way outside he turned into the very thing he hated, betrayed Cherie and took the wall for himself. It is likely that Tim becoming a "somebody" within the wall when he was a nobody outside is what led to his corruption, as returning to the outside would make him a nobody once again. This mind-set can be hinted at in the Wall's new ideology under his leadership that "you can be whatever you want within the wall."

While he is shown to be plagued by guilt & doubt over what he did, he is still becoming more and more like The Duke. He displayed the Duke's characteristic cowardice by leaving it up to Halk to decide whether or not to tell the people the truth, thereby absolving himself of the responsibility.


  • Tim was thrown into the wall for having a red shirt. "Red-shirt" is term to describe the nameless disposable nobodies from Star Trek that were always killed during missions to show danger. The famous term comes from the habit that any crew-member who wore a red shirt uniform on a mission would end up dead.
  • His "red shirt" status is symbolic of Tim being the ultimate nobody, he was even thrown into the wall for no reason other then that he was wearing a red shirt at time, unlike other wall residents like cherie that had actually offended Yumyulak.
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